Mountain Lions News · MRHS Coaches Honor Athletes of the Month – By Kassey Frazier

Room A185 is a classroom at Mountain Ridge High School that is generally used for students to learn news things like their leaning skills.

At 6:45 a.m. Wednesday morning, it was all the athletic coaches in the room, learning how to improve their seasons.

“When Googling why someone should do high school athletics, the first thing that came up was this study that L.A. Unified School District did, which is one of the largest unified school districts, and the whole state of Kansas did the same research and found the same thing, that student athletes their GPA is half point to three quarters of a point greater than a non-student athlete,” Junior Michael, the athletic director of Mountain Ridge, said. “That’s on a 4.0 scale. That’s huge! And student athletes came to school 21 more days than non-student athletes.”

Michael opened the coaches meeting with a statistic that made the coaches put into perspective how much their job puts an impact on every one of their athletes. Sometimes parents discourage their kids from going into athletics because it will take up their time and they won’t be able to fully concentrate on their school work.

Michael wanted the coaches to know it is the opposite idea than what parents think of high school sporting teams.

“That makes sense because not only do you have mom and dad encouraging you and your teacher, but there is a third person who are your coaches who are doing grade checks and the coaches are on you,” Michael said. “It is like another layer of academic protection.”

The coaches meeting went on to go over the new website the school has just set up that has been gaining positive feedback from the parents of Mountain Ridge.

“The feedback has been really positive,” Michael said, “We have 21 sports we have to cover, and (athletic secretary) Erica (DeLuca) has been putting up rosters, schedules and things like that.”

The website is different than just information about games. It will also allow all the coaches from the school to post articles on there about how their season is going, what the teams are improving on and what you can expect from them in the upcoming future.

The articles will also post to school’s Facebook and Twitter page.

Michael covered how there wasn’t food and drink allowed in any of the gym facilities anymore and how the school now has a Twitter page for the students to keep up to date with the school.

“It’s crazy that something is posted and these kids live on it,” Michael said. “I feel like sometimes before I even press enter there are likes and retweets. I think they are like glued to it! They live on Twitter, and they get their information on Twitter!”

The conference with the coaches ended by show casing two athletes for the month of January who went above and beyond what an average teammate would do. Those two student athletes had their specific coach come up and say a few words about them and how the stood out from the rest of their teammate.

Kiera McMorrow, the girls’ soccer coach, recognized senior captain and defender Tessa Williams for all her hard work this season.

“The best thing about Tessa is she is a defender but whenever I ask her to do something she will do it,” McMorrow said. “She has scored about six or seven goals and has 15 assists!”

“I wanted to introduce Tessa for how wonderful and awesome she is and I am defiantly going to miss her next year big time!”, McMorrow said.

Tessa received an academic and athletic scholarship to attend Arizona Christian University where she will study Elementary Education.

The next athlete to be recognized was, Nathan Suwyn, who is a junior at Mountain Ridge High School. He is ranked number one in the state for wrestling and plays football for the school.

Corey Whitten the coach for wrestling presented Suwyn with his award.

“He is one of our team captains just on and off the mat,” Whitten said. “Whenever I want something or need something to get done I just get Nathan and he will get it done.”

Suwyn is known for encouraging his fellow teammates in a positive way to become better than they are.

“There are a couple times I have left the room and he ripped on the team for not performing and not working hard so he can be a leader like that as well.” Whitten said.

Both athletes’ pictures are on the website under Athlete of the Month section and placed next to the previous winners.

The school bell ringing made the coaches meeting come to an end and for the school day to start.

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