Girls Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · Tessa Williams, Athlete of the Month – By Kassey Frazier

Balancing school, homework, soccer practice and soccer games plus a social life could sound like a lot of work for an 18-year-old girl.

For, Tessa Williams, who is the senior captain for the Mountain Ridge girls soccer team, this is the normal daily routine.

“I have been playing soccer for about 15 years,” Williams said. “I started when I was like 3, so the motivation my mom said once I was potty trained I could play. But I was just really interested in the sport, and my siblings played.”

The girls’ soccer team is at a record of 5-3-3 and ranked No. 16 in Division I. If the team stays there or moves up in the rankings they would qualify to go to the state tournament.

Williams was recently recognized as school’s female athlete of the month.

Standing along side was her as she was given the award was mother and two other members of her family.

Kiera McMorrow, the girls soccer coach, presented Williams with the award.

All the other coaches sitting around the round table gave McMorrow a hard time because she presented Williams with flowers for her hard work, which none of the other coaches have done before. Now all the coaches have to meet that bar for any other athlete who is awarded.

McMorrow wasn’t afraid to take the criticism from her fellow coaches because she said Williams deserves it.

“I’ve known Tessa for about three years, and I couldn’t have picked a better captain!” McMorrow said. “She leads the team spirit wise. She leads the team with so much enthusiasm and so much power that the girls just follow her I honestly don’t know what it is, but no matter where we are they all follow her.”

McMorrow was a former defender herself and explained it was hard to score goals, but Williams never hesitated to strive above what she wanted from her.

“She scored about six or seven goals for me and 15 assists,” McMorrow said. “So as a defender, as I played defender as I was growing up, that’s huge!

“Every time I pushed her up she got a goal or if we needed a goal she went up and got a goal.  No matter what she did she got it done!”

McMorrow told the group of coaches she couldn’t have picked a better person on the team to receive this award out of 19 other girl soccer players.

“It’s really amazing to be recognized for this, but all the glory goes to God,” Williams said. “It’s just fun to be about to play and then go to college.”

Williams is looking forward to her future as she moves on the play soccer for Arizona Christian University on an academic and athletic scholarship.  She will be studying elementary education.